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Travellizy team
8 February 2019 / 9 minutes to read
Where to fly on May holidays: 4 budget journeys
Good practice is to plan a trip a few months in advance. The beginning of February is a perfect time to look for tickets for May holidays. Travellizy will help you to save money on your flight, and if you haven't decided yet, where to go on a trip, read our selection of cheap air tickets to Europe and Asia.
5 November 2018 / 5 minutes to read
Rooji in Amsterdam
After my first night rest here in Amsterdam, I wanted to explore a big part of the city in one go. I arrived late last night at the Airport Schiphol, but when I arrived in the arrival halls I saw they had trains to Amsterdam. It only took 12 minutes to get from the Airport to Amsterdam Central Station and from there I was at the hotel in only 10 minutes. So thanks to the short trip to my hotel, I was well rested for today. They told me at the hotel it was going to be a typical Dutch day, meaning that, you don’t know what you will get and it’s going to be very random. One hour it can be sunny, one hour cloudy and the next you can be hiding for the rain, even though the weather forecast said it was going to be sunny. They also told at the hotel to start my day at the highest floor of the library, because it is one of the highest buildings in the Center of Amsterdam and I can get a good view of Amsterdam. It was very close to the station, so I went back there. Last night I didn’t notice how beautiful the building looked of the station, but it’s a very typical Dutch building that’s been there for some time now.
Travellizy Team
3 September 2018 / 4 minutes to read
6 places where to go in Netherlands
Holland is an astonishingly beautiful country; it is home to one of the best art museums of the world and fascinating long canals. Contains the finest infrastructure, the historical context of even the tiniest thing present there and not to mention its natural beauty; Holland is a great host to people having a diverse range of tastes. Most get enthralled by Amsterdam alone; however, I can assure you Holland is much more than that. Perhaps, it is even better than just the popular brothels of Amsterdam.