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Travellizy team
3 September 2019 / 5 minutes to read
Halloween: let's fly to Europe for the most creepy holiday of the year
The Internet is already full of news about the most terrible parties and events. Ghosts and zombies pick up their terrifying looks and are ready to scare you to goosebumps. Welcome to the horror holiday called Halloween. Travellizy will tell you, where October 31 will be truly creepy.
Travellizy team
26 December 2018 / 4 minutes to read
Alpine Weekend in Austria
Charming nature, fresh air, soulful cheese and of course the Alps is some Paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Hunting for new feelings I happened to visit Austria this winter. If you are not a driver, you can use a bus, train or hotel transfer to get to the ski resorts. I prefer to off the well-worn tourist trails. So in the Innsbruck Airport, which is on the west of the country, I managed to rent a G-Wagen to travel about Austria. Rent car deposit was 500 euro, and refueling at was 1.32 euro per each liter of gasoline.
Travellizy team
13 December 2018 / 4 minutes to read
Visiting Arnie or Schwarzenegger’s Birth House
Yearly thousands of viewers come to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, which is in Thal village by the Austrian town Graz. Just for 9 euro, everyone can walk through the rooms, which remember Iron Arny as a child and in his teens. Hard to believe the world biggest cinema star of the 90th lived in the austere atmosphere, near to poverty. How that brave smiled boy managed to rose above himself? Why did he pose a challenge to the family? Why did not he come to his father's funeral? How did he happen in the other hemisphere? These walls know lots of secrets.
Travellizy Team
9 December 2018 / 3 minutes to read
Three Christmas Tales of Austria
The most wonderful time in Austria comes approximately four weeks before Christmas. In every home, special preparations for a quiet, and at the same time the most important holiday of the year, begin. Sentimental and filled with deep symbolism traditions are passed from generation to generation and come to life even in big cities. Austria cherishes its Christmas tales.