Travellizy team
18 September 2019 / 3 minutes to read
A trip from autumn to summer on a yacht: ideas for sea travel
From the yacht, you can see the beauty of nature and cities from an unusual angle, from the water side. If you have thoughts about a low season and imagine swimming among ice floes and cold winds, we’ll hurry to dispel this myth.
History & Culture
Travellizy Team
13 November 2018 / 7 minutes to read
The quirky country... Japan
I no naka no kawazu, taikai wo sirazu...Huh! Contrary to what’s going in your mind, it’s not some gibberish. Rather, it’s the common Japanese phrase translating into, “a frog in a well never knows the vast ocean”.
Travellizy Team
17 October 2018 / 6 minutes to read
Halloween - Most Exciting Haunted Castles and Places in the Uk
Talk about the outer world and everyone gets scared but talk about Halloween, everyone gets excited. Strange? Even stranger things happen on Halloween. Will it be trick or treat this Halloween, we will see, but only those will fear the tricks who cannot dare. Face the ghosts and get a treat.
Travellizy Team
27 September 2018 / 9 minutes to read
Romance with Rains in these Ultimate Monsoon Destinations
If sweltering summer heat and bitter winter chill are putting off your mood, a marvellous monsoon destination is just what the doctor prescribed. Monsoons can be a perfect time to travel, with the rain gods ‘literally’ showering their blessings and transforming the lands into an emerald paradise and returning the cities to their polished glory. The best part about the rainy months is that many destinations consider it an off-season and offer jaw-dropping discounts and lucrative packages that makes the whole experience just absolutely precious.
Travellizy Team
24 September 2018 / 4 minutes to read
12 most beautiful destinations with autumn nature
Though most may associate autumn with the death of foliage and end of summertime, here is a list of places that beg to differ because the real beauty of these places truly comes alive during autumn time. Among the vividly coloured leaves and beautiful shedding trees, these sites are every autumn lover’s dream! So next time you hit the road in autumn, make sure to give these places a visit.