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25 August 2019 / 4 minutes to read
Top six places to fall in love with Berlin at first time
Berlin is the city where German history was written. Here you will find the Reichstag, which is the symbol of democracy, the famous Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall, which played an important role not only in the history of Germany, but also in the history of Europe. And what magnificent views open from the Berliner Fernsehturm!
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19 August 2019 / 4 minutes to read
How the Festival of Light in Berlin goes: the best locations
Would you like to visit one of the most non-trivial cities in Europe? The incredibly dynamic and diverse Berlin is exactly what you need. It’s a city of contrasts and freedom, a city of two different worlds. The first of them is a holiday city, with characteristic West European houses with red roofs, theaters, flea markets, snack bars, clubs. The second one is so saturated with history, that walking the streets of the city, sometimes it makes you hard to breathe from emotions. It is fascinating and simply can't leave you indifferent. It was split into two parts once, and then it was connected by history together. Berlin continues to surprise and cause the most mixed feelings among those who came visit it.
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9 October 2018 / 6 minutes to read
How to Celebrate Oktoberfest like Bavarian
One of the most famous world festivals, Oktoberfest is not only a great opportunity for drinking lots of beers, but also to get in touch with the local Bavarian traditions. The South of Germany is worldwide known for its specific history and culture, therefore, you can easily use your time in Munich for the duration of the festival - the second half of September and the first week of October, to better get to know this important slice of German history.
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7 October 2018 / 5 minutes to read
Raise your beers for Oktoberfest - in Munich or elsewhere
If you are heading to South of Germany, Munich is the best place to be, especially during the autumn. Especially if you travel there for business as many do, if there is some time left before the flight, you should consider that instead of sitting lazily in a fancy coffee checking your working e-mails you better head out to get the best of the city. Oktoberfest is the place to be in the city, if you are lucky enough to be there in the second half of September and beginning of October. Don’t have to think twice. Let’s go! Life is waiting for you somewhere else!
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1 October 2018 / 5 minutes to read
10 Destinations in Germany Off the Beaten Path
A huge country with a rich history and cultural heritage, and surreal natural landscapes, Germany has more to offer than the classical Berlin, Neuschwanstein, Black Forest or Munich, to quote only a few of the popular travel destinations. Given its regional local administration structure, with every ‘Land’ having its own governing bodies and capital cities, very often people living in a region prefer to spend most of their free time in their immediate vicinity where they are more familiar with the traditions, food habits and even dialect. And sometimes, they have lots of reasons to do so, as there is hardly any small village or town where it is not something interesting to do: from nature walking to cultural destinations or interesting architecture.