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28 June 2019 / 6 minutes to read
Get education in Europe: ranking of the best universities
Are you interested in studying in Europe? Travellizy knows that when choosing a university, it is necessary to take into account many factors, including the quality of education, the location of the university, and the cost of education. We make it easier for you and provide a brief overview of the best universities in Europe according to the authoritative rating agencies THE and QS.
Travellizy Team
17 October 2018 / 6 minutes to read
Halloween - Most Exciting Haunted Castles and Places in the Uk
Talk about the outer world and everyone gets scared but talk about Halloween, everyone gets excited. Strange? Even stranger things happen on Halloween. Will it be trick or treat this Halloween, we will see, but only those will fear the tricks who cannot dare. Face the ghosts and get a treat.
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30 August 2018 / 4 minutes to read
Not a Town or a Village, Just Goodwood
Nestled in the South Downs of West Sussex is the magnificent Goodwood Estate. This place is not a town or a village itself, yet it brings together a multitude of events known worldwide. The Cathedral city of Chichester on the south coast of England is its nearest recognisable population of significance. If you have not heard of Glorious Goodwood or the Festival of Speed or the Vintage Car Revival 3-day event or the famous historical motor circuit, then you are truly in for a treat.