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19 April 2019 / 5 minutes to read
From Holland to France on the Coast Tram. Unusual trip around Flanders
Picturesque landscapes, wide sandy beaches and grassy dunes. Lively small towns and cozy little villages. Old-fashioned aristocratic villas and modern high-rise homes. And, of course, the endless sea. All this beauty can be seen and captured by tram along the Belgian coast of the North Sea from Holland to France.
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17 April 2019 / 3 minutes to read
10 Reasons Why Notre Dame de Paris Should Be Definitely Restored
Last night, a fire occurred in one of the greatest human creations - Notre-Dame de Paris. Quickly spreading through the scaffolding that surrounded the building, it spread to the spire and the famous clock. The moment the spire collapsed made people around the world shudder.
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15 April 2019 / 9 minutes to read
Paris for Free. How to Enjoy the French Capital without Spending a Lot of Money
If you go to Paris in business class, stop at Le Meurice and book a table in Le Cinq, don't waste your time on this article. We advise everyone else to take five minutes now for saving money later, and not to remain deprived of impressions in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
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30 January 2019 / 3 minutes to read
Best Valentine's Day ever: TOP places to fly on February 14
Valentine's Day is a perfect time for visiting the most romantic places in the world. And although there is no need for special reasons to express feelings to your beloved, a small bright journey on February 14 is an excellent holiday present.