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Travellizy team
30 July 2019 / 7 minutes to read
Loutra. Holiday On A Finger Tip
When the sun reaches its zenith, when the brain starts to boil from work tasks, when a migraine starts from the crazy speed of a big city, when all this reaches its apogee and it seems that there is no way out, be aware - there is a way out. It is located at the nearest airport. If planes fly to Greece from there, then you are saved. You can take a ticket to Thessaloniki, book a small hotel in the village of Loutra on the very edge of Halkidiki, and forget about everything. And now, Travellizy will tell everything in detail.
Travellizy team
29 July 2019 / 8 minutes to read
Where To Have A Rest In October: TOP 5 Travel Ideas
October makes you happy with sunny days and good weather less than other months. It's time to miss the summer and ... go on a vacation. You are not mistaken, Travellizy offers you to plan a comfortable and budget holiday in October. We will tell you about the benefits of holiday resorts in the fall.
Travellizy team
5 July 2019 / 7 minutes to read
Greek Hydra. What to do at the foot of Eros
Each of the 227 inhabited Greek islands might be called the island of love. Stunning sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful sea and secluded coves are a haven for romantics. But it is Hydra that this status corresponds most of all to. After all, here is Mount Eros, where the guardian angels of all lovers live. You can come here with a tour of the islands (Poros Hydra Aegina) for a few hours, run through the local shops, go to the museum and swim in the nearest bay, but you will never understand and feel the real magic of this place. Travellizy recommends staying here for at least a week.
Travellizy team
21 May 2019 / 6 minutes to read
Crete: how to walk the Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe
Going down the long, long stairs, you will get into a long, long valley. Passing the long, long valley, you will walk out to the turquoise blue sea. But before you see the turquoise blue sea, you will have to pass a long, long road and, if you're lucky, you will meet the goats standing upright and stripping green branches of trees.