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19 March 2020 / 5 minutes to read
When Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Interesting Facts and the Best Places to Enjoy the View
In Japan, there is a national tradition, which involves admiring cherry blossoms - hanami ("flower watching"). The history of hanami began at the imperial court, when the nobles spent all day long under the flowering trees, chatting and writing poetry.
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29 December 2020 / 6 minutes to read
The whole city at your feet: the top 10 tallest buildings on the planet
When planning a trip and a route to the most interesting sights of a city, each of you will definitely make your own choice in favor of viewing platforms. Who wouldn't be happy to see the whole city at a glance. A bird's eye view opens up completely different fabulous pictures and landscapes. Such rises up the town hall or castle are very delighted. If you are much luckier and there are skyscrapers in the city you are in, this attraction is gaining even greater momentum in impressions! Travellizy will tell you about the tallest buildings on the planet. Perhaps among these lucky cities, you will see the one you are going to in the nearest future. Of course, it is immediately worth noting that these unique structures are definitely worth a separate must-see list.   10 tallest buildings on the planet For half a century, from 1931 to 1972, the tallest building in the world was the Empire State Building in New York. Today, this skyscraper is not even included in the top 45 of the tallest buildings, as it is in the 50th place on the list. The list of the tallest buildings in the world includes ultra-tall structures with a height of 350 meters and more. At the end of 2019, there were 73 such skyscrapers in the world. The 10 leaders of the world's tallest built and upcoming buildings look like this:   1. Burj Khalifa Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai Height: 828 m Number of storeys: 163 Building completion: 2010 It's a multifunctional and the tallest building in the world. Inside the complex, there are offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants. The highest observation deck called At the Top is located at an altitude of 472 meters. On the 124th floor, there is an open observation deck, fenced with glass panels. On the 125th floor, there is a closed observation deck. Admission is $ 39. Tickets are usually sold out at least a week in advance. We highly recommend buying tickets to the observation deck as early as possible. You can do this on Burj Khalifa's official website.    2. Tokyo Skytree Location: Japan, Tokyo Height: 634 m Number of storeys: 29 Construction completion: 2012 The tower is mainly used for digital television and radio broadcasting, mobile telephony and navigation systems. In addition, it is a very popular tourist attraction. On the upper floors, there are two viewing platforms: at an altitude of 350 and 450 meters. Entrance ticket to the observation deck costs $ 17.   3. Shanghai Tower Location: China, Shanghai Height: 632 m Number of storeys: 128 Construction completion: 2015 It's the tallest building in East Asia and the tallest building in China. Inside the tower, there are shops, hotels, restaurants. The restaurant spinning on its axis is very popular. Resting here, visitors can not only treat themselves to delicious dishes, but also enjoy constantly different panoramas of the city. The lower floor of the tower is dedicated to the historical museum. The tower has several viewing platforms. The world's fastest elevator takes visitors to the 118th floor. At an altitude of 546 meters, there is a closed observation deck with a gorgeous view of 360 degrees. A ticket to the observation deck will cost $ 29.   4. Abraj Al Bait Location: Saudi Arabia, Mecca Height: 601 m Number of storeys: 120 Construction completion: 2012  It's the tallest hotel in the world, as well as the building with the largest and highest clocks in the world. The diameter of the clock is 43 meters: the clockwise is 17 meters, the minute hand is 22. At night, the clock face is illuminated and visible at a distance of 30 kilometers. Abraj al-Beit Towers accommodate a hotel, shopping arcade and garage for more than 800 cars. Those who want to see Mecca from a height have several options. For a perfect romantic dinner, you can reserve a table by the window in the tower restaurant and enjoy views. In addition, it is possible to rent one of the rooms with panoramic windows. In the towers of Abraj al-Beit, there is an interesting Islamic museum and a center for observing the moon, which are also open to all visitors.   5. Ping An International Finance Centre Location: China, Shenzhen Height: 599.1 m Number of storeys: 115 Construction completion: 2017 It's the tallest office building in the world. Ping An International Finance Centre has one of the highest viewing platforms in the world. It is located at an altitude of 550 meters. An adult entry ticket to the observation deck costs $ 30.   6. Goldin Finance 117 Location: China, Tianjin Height: 596.6 m Number of storeys: 128 Construction completion: 2020 год.  Another name for it is China 117 Tower. Construction began in 2009, with completion scheduled for 2020. Inside the building, it is planned to accommodate a large hotel, as well as premises for offices, restaurants and shops.   7. Lotte World Tower Location: Korea, Seoul Height: 554.5m Number of storeys: 123 Construction completion: 2016 It's the tallest building on the Korean peninsula. In the tower, there is a large concert hall, galleries, restaurants, a large shopping center and an elite hotel. On the 120th floor, there is an observation deck. It consists of three huge floors. The 123rd floor is located at an altitude of 485 meters. On one of the floors of the site, you can stroll across the transparent glass floor, which will definitely thrill you. The cost of admission to the observation deck of the Lotte World Tower is $ 24.   8. One World Trade Center Location: USA, New York Height: 541.3 m Number of storeys: 94 Construction completion: 2014 It's the tallest building in the USA and the Western Hemisphere. 14 years after the tragedy of September 11, the new One World Trade Center tower opened its doors to visitors in May 2015. This is a whole complex, which includes the OWTC building (Freedom Tower), a museum and a 9/11 memorial, in the form of 2 huge fountains-waterfalls, located on the site of two twin towers. The perimeters of these fountains are engraved with the names of all the victims who suffered during the attack. The building of One World Trade Center is declared not only as the highest, but also as the safest. At the top of the skyscraper, there is the observation deck called One World Observatory. Entrance fee is $ 32. Getting to the observation deck is a fascinating attraction. The elevator is equipped with three screens, which shows the history of New York during the rise to the 102nd floor.   9. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre Location: China, Guangzhou Height: 530 m Number of storeys: 111 Construction completion: 2016 The complex consists of two towers. The east tower has a height of 530 m, the west tower is its twin building with a height of 437.5 m. The triangular shape of both skyscrapers allows you to minimize wind loads, make the towers more stable and save building materials. The total area of the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is 400 thousand square meters. Here are shops, cinemas, apartments and a huge hotel. The underground parking can accommodate 1705 cars. There is an observation deck on the top floor of the east tower, which offers incredible views of the city and the Pearl River.   10. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Location: China, Tianjin Height: 530m Number of storeys: 97 Construction completion: 2019 It's an office skyscraper with the fastest double-decker elevators in the world. The facade of the skyscraper consists of 14,000 fragments arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The building houses offices, apartments, hotel rooms, shops and restaurants. At an altitude of 308 meters, there is a viewing platform with a 360 ° view angle to the city. Knocking on heaven's door is not difficult at all - choose a skyscraper, take a high-speed elevator and you are there. The whole city is at your feet!
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11 September 2019 / 3 minutes to read
Robots will recognize faces and deliver food at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo
From July 24 to August 9, 2020, the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. It's a grandiose event not only for athletes, but also for spectators. 600 thousand tourists will gather at the Olympics, and at this time, Tokyo will be transformed to show its best sides. Travellizy found out how the country of innovation is preparing to surprise the world.
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13 November 2018 / 7 minutes to read
The quirky country... Japan
I no naka no kawazu, taikai wo sirazu...Huh! Contrary to what’s going in your mind, it’s not some gibberish. Rather, it’s the common Japanese phrase translating into, “a frog in a well never knows the vast ocean”.