History & Culture
Travellizy team
26 September 2019 / 5 minutes to read
How to go back in time and visit three cities of northern Holland in one day
Holland is a country with developed modern transport. But we are not going to tell you about it now. We will show how you can travel back in time 150 years just in one day and find out at what speeds our ancestors moved with. Take an unforgettable journey with Travellizy!
Travellizy team
5 September 2019 / 5 minutes to read
Amsterdam Pride: tips before attending the holiday
Amsterdam Pride has always been not a place for the struggle for rights, but a place for a safe and fun party for the LGBT community. This happened historically, and the Dutch do not change traditions. The Netherlands was the first country in the world with a monument to LGBT victims and the first country to legalize gay marriage. In the turbulent 80s and 90s, Amsterdam was the gay capital of the world. And nowadays, this is a big city carnival, where the Dutch go with their families to. In the morning, they stick around the canal to occupy a place with a view.
Travellizy team
19 April 2019 / 5 minutes to read
From Holland to France on the Coast Tram. Unusual trip around Flanders
Picturesque landscapes, wide sandy beaches and grassy dunes. Lively small towns and cozy little villages. Old-fashioned aristocratic villas and modern high-rise homes. And, of course, the endless sea. All this beauty can be seen and captured by tram along the Belgian coast of the North Sea from Holland to France.
Travellizy Team
3 September 2018 / 4 minutes to read
6 places where to go in Netherlands
Holland is an astonishingly beautiful country; it is home to one of the best art museums of the world and fascinating long canals. Contains the finest infrastructure, the historical context of even the tiniest thing present there and not to mention its natural beauty; Holland is a great host to people having a diverse range of tastes. Most get enthralled by Amsterdam alone; however, I can assure you Holland is much more than that. Perhaps, it is even better than just the popular brothels of Amsterdam.