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29 July 2019 / 8 minutes to read
Where To Have A Rest In October: TOP 5 Travel Ideas
October makes you happy with sunny days and good weather less than other months. It's time to miss the summer and ... go on a vacation. You are not mistaken, Travellizy offers you to plan a comfortable and budget holiday in October. We will tell you about the benefits of holiday resorts in the fall.
Travellizy team
24 July 2019 / 5 minutes to read
The Striped Village And Other Places In Portugal Not To Be Misse
Travellizy Team values every hour of your vacation. And if you are just going to Portugal and are developing a route, or are already leaving a regular tour of Porto's wineries, thinking of going to a beach or a museum tomorrow, we share one idea with you.  
Travellizy team
8 July 2019 / 7 minutes to read
To the end of the world on a bus
What if you want to leave everything for a while, leave everyone and go to the end of the world? You need to pick up a backpack, buy a ticket for the bus number 403 and leave. True, you will have to fly to Lisbon first. Then take a train to Sintra or Cascais, and after that, take a bus. Travellizy has already prepared a detailed route.
Food quest
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3 September 2018 / 4 minutes to read
Travel Food Quest
Old European cities are full of charm, history and old world character.  Lisbon Portugal is no different.  Portugal is a treasure trove of historical sites, castles, mystery and magic. There are centuries worth of history, secrets and tradition that could keep any traveler busy for years. You will not regret stopping in Lisbon.  There is a bridge that brings Setubal to Lisbon and is magnificent.  It looks similar in structure and design to the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco, California.  It hangs over the River Tejo and is made even more special by the giant Christus statue that stands tall with his arms outstretched, welcoming all home.