Travellizy team
21 August 2019 / 6 minutes to read
What to do with your vacation, if it falls on the off-season
It is believed, that summer is the main vacation season. What to do, if you have the highest activity and congestion in your profession for this period, and vacation falls in the autumn?
Travellizy team
9 June 2019 / 9 minutes to read
Paradise holiday: what the world's most beautiful beaches look like
Would you like to know which beach members of the British royal family relax on? Or have you been interested for a long time, which beach is the best in Europe, or even in the whole world? It is time to expand the "beach" horizons, so Travellizy shares a list of the most unique and beautiful beaches on the planet with you.
Travellizy team
20 May 2019 / 4 minutes to read
To Barcelona on your own: how to get from the airport to the city and what to see in the capital of Catalonia
Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations among travelers from around the world not for the first year, that's why Travellizy Team tells you in a new article, how to plan an independent trip to the capital of Catalonia and what to see in a city with such a stunning architecture.  
Travellizy team
15 March 2019 / 3 minutes to read
Where to fly with a child for the summer holidays: TOP popular destinations
Summer is a great time to go on a trip abroad with your children. And if the beginning of the summer vacation coincide with the holidays, you just have to choose the right direction and fly towards the sun.
Travellizy Team
30 August 2018 / 7 minutes to read
5 Terrific Reasons to Visit Tarifa
The fine sand sifts between my toes. Eyes closed this time as I summon up the memory of the last time I was here. The salt air breathes pulling deep in through the nose brings the heart home. The utter dryness of the air is remarkable, even though I’m mere metres away from an ocean. The draw of the heat tightens my sun-protected skin. The sheer brightness of the sun penetrates the eyelids which instantly reminds me of how thankful I am for a good choice of sunglasses. I’m back there now, in my mind!